Minds and Overgrown Jungles



Yes, I’m blogging *sigh. But if I don’t supply you, dear potential reader, with a set theme to my textual vomit, please excuse me. I decided I’d try this out instead of paying for therapy…

I know, I know, who wants to read another 20-something’s cynical Daria-esque raging of a life she really has no right to complain about, despite how unkempt and overgrown with modern trivialities. I don’t much like to complain, and although every experience is relative the “poor me” attitude so prevalent in western society needs a good check, seriously people (myself included) you’re not dodging bullets in the Gaza Strip. Which is why blubbering, nose-dripping, eyes red-rimmed and watery to a minuscule therapist who was almost disappearing into her chair with an overly sympathetic and mollifying expression on her face (intake of breath), didn’t really fly with me. So blogging, then, is to be a mode of catharsis (again, sorry), and good for an aspiring writer’s sense of achieving her, um, dream—you know, that ever elusive thing we all chase but enjoy the thought of and the “if only” of, more than the actual going for it (of). I reckon I’m going to give it a crack since I’ve a third of a manuscript written and currently gathering cyber-dust in my computer’s hardware. This is good practice right? Or, is this where the aspiring writers dream withers like a neglected pot plant and dies…

Surely not.

However, just so I don’t feel like I’m completely wasting the internet’s space, as much as that sounds like an oxymoron, I will share some of my mad attempts at living, the books I’m reading (the loves of my life), and likely dabble in a bit of modern philosophy for all of the like-minded over thinkers out there. I find it fascinating how many of the old and even ancient philosopher’s ideologies are still so relevant today, it goes to show how little humanity has really evolved and how progress tends to often be the present remembering the past. And, I suppose writing something resembling intelligent thought will serve to make me feel marginally better about this sudden bout of egocentric guff, which I can nonetheless help but publish on a free public forum [insert confused face]. But mostly, I just want to look at Life. Take a metaphorical telescope, microscope, binoculars, and observe this crazy overgrown forest of ideas, this messy and exhilarating thing called Life and see where we all fit in together.

There you have it, my first blog. Next time I might get into the myriad of events that caused me to become a self-involved blogger, events which can retrospectively be reflected on with self-effacing humour. Or not, we’ll see.

So, til next year, take care of yourselves and each other, it’s a jungle out there.


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