I Quit My Day Job

Oh, yes, yes I did.

I resigned from a steady income, a respectable title, and the comfort of feeling like a good participant of society—that enormous man-made hamster wheel of ideologies that enables us to feel like part of the community. I was “comfortable” but increasingly miserable as I pressed my nose against the grindstone of a structured existence, which was my ticket into white-collar social acceptance. I should have felt proud to have gotten where I was, right…? Wrong. I certainly can’t speak for others as our lives, ambitions and circumstances differ, but no thanks. Catch ya later job security. It wasn’t the profession that had me dissatisfied so much as the fact I was no longer pursuing my writing, my art, or anything that truly made me feel like, well, me.

I haven’t completely retreated from the jaunts of civilization to become some unapproachable troglodyte, as much as I’ve recently craved reverting back to my atavistic type: strip myself down to the bare essentials and dissolve into some fabled landscape of my dreams (I was pretty first-world-problems exhausted at one point—only just crawling out of that pit of egocentrism now). But alas, the progress that has rolled out throughout the centuries can’t be ignored by me, particularly today amongst so much proliferating change in technology and human consciousness (says me). I’m admittedly addicted to keeping up to date with, as well as watching this progress. Turning my back on the world would be an unforgivable cop out.

So, on the contrary, I have opened up to more possibilities, met new people, and I’m once again learning what Life has to offer if I’m mindful of grabbing opportunities when they are presented. I understand not everyone has the option to just up and quit their job, and I’m certainly not unemployed now, I simply freed my time so I can work on my interests, plan and put into action the dreams I want transformed into reality. And when you make a concrete and intelligent decision, the universe obliges (with a good dose of proactive self-sufficiency).

For example, within a week of deciding I wanted to travel and live abroad in the following year (something I have obsessed over for most of my Life but never had the courage to action), I found two writer’s retreats in Europe which I registered for and will book my flights before the end of the year. BOOYAH! (excuse the expression, I’m just so damn excited.) I plan (“plan”) to post more regularly next year, during and leading up to my travels, and will include photo diaries as I explore in hope to provide some inspiration (yep, yet another travel-inspo blog).

All I can really add is, if you find you’re fading into a paper cut-out representation of yourself and forgetting who you are, look within and take a step (however small) in the direction of your dreams.

Side Note: all reader comments are directed straight into my spam folder (as, erm, they’re generally spam), but I thought I’d address a few of the more legitimate questions that have cropped up:

No, you don’t need to be a digital whiz to create a visually appealing blog, the various templates provided by blog platforms are fairly versatile, you should be able to upload your own images, backgrounds etc., just look at image size specifications required for the template.

I use WordPress for my blog noted at the bottom of the pages.

No, I don’t have a Twitter account. My blog posts are so few and far between at the moment I don’t think my Twitter activity would be much better.


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