It Takes A Little Courage and Fairy Dust


I’m a writer—sort of. O.K. an aspiring writer though I do have this blog…

I’m pretty sure I actually heard the sound of scoffing, or maybe it was my future successful self who ubiquitously lingers around me as a constant reminder of my goal—the arrogant but necessary imagined cow. Well, when can one, or when does one qualify as a writer? I guess the most common answer is when published, but I think all the new social media self-publishing platforms out there might have erased that qualifier. I certainly don’t have the answer but I suppose, logically, it could be when writing becomes part of a person’s regular routine, I definitely can’t claim it’s part of mine just yet, apart from the fantasy playing out in my head every day. There comes a point where we have to be our own fairy godmother and make magic happen, wouldn’t you agree?

Although I’m still forging a path in the direction of my happy ending (however, I’m still addicted to the excitement of the journey) it often feels like the vines of daily Life are trying to strangle me into banal subversion. And admittedly that’s merely my own submission to stagnant inertia. Or it has been.

I mentioned in a previous post I had registered for a couple of writer’s retreats in Europe. The first is in Iceland which I’m attending next week, the other is in France in August. I’ve had people ask how I found them, pretty easily really, I searched for “writer’s retreats in Europe” on the internet and various results lit up my screen. That’s it. If you want something you have to put in effort to make it happen. However, I do believe personal timing plays a big role in these decisions—don’t force yourself to do something if you don’t feel positive about it no matter how much you convince yourself you want it. But if it feels right… go, go, go! (Apologies for sounding like an annoying motivational speaker.)

It does take a little, or in my case a lot, of courage, but I’m sure it’s rare to regret taking those first steps, whatever your calling may be, who knows where those steps will lead you. Mine lead me to write this post in a dreamy studio apartment in Helsinki.

Said dreamy studio

Here are some useful sites on writer’s retreats for any other aspiring writer’s out there:

One of the (inspiring and thought-provoking) books I’m currently reading:

When I Was a Child I Read Books by Marilynne Robinson


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