Here’s Looking at You, Kid

Warning: content below may fall into the loathsome but unapologetic category of a rant…Untitled-1-picsay

Everything is relative. I like this concept. I do. It allows an opaque veil of fairness to float dreamily over the screeching inequalities of this world, covering all manner of polarised injustices. How lovely.

I’m sure by now you’ve detected my sarcasm. I’m not saying the more privileged on this earth should feel guilty about their position, hell, I suppose I’m one of them despite my lack of a poolside cabana boy and Stuart Weitzman gem-encrusted heels. But let’s face it, even low-income “mediocrity” would seem a blessing for those out there whose basic survival and safety has to be routinely fought for. All I’m saying is a bit of mindfulness from time to time, or say, all the time, wouldn’t go astray.

I was witness to something recently which made me wonder what the impetus to certain behaviours is. Is it a universal (that is to say, a universally human) psychological trigger, or something more individual. For instance, what makes perfectly good people turn in to bad ones, even if that badness has a time limit? Sometimes I get an almost insuppressible urge to shake some people and shout WHY CAN’T YOU JUST BE F#@*ING DECENT! Then enter me—yet another monster.

Admittedly, there have been times in my life, namely when I was a hormonal pimply teen, when I wanted to hurt people who hurt me, when I felt the injustice of being “poor” (mind you, I was always clothed and fed with a roof over my head, so I was doing better than a large percentage out there), but why didn’t I always have the latest clothing or whatever ridiculous, meaningless thing may have been trending at the time. It made me angry. But I got over it pretty quickly referring to a newspaper cut out of a starving, bloated-bellied child I kept in my diary to remind myself how good I actually had it. I know, what a cliché right, but one that worked in helping me to not be a complete ignorant and self-centred asshole. Despite anything, I had (and certainly still have) the freedom to change my life.

The subjugation of the weak and voiceless or the manipulation of those near for personal gain, whether out of greed or revenge or anything else equally nasty, all fall in the same category of rotten eggs to me. So do let’s try to be kind and maybe focus on ourselves in a positive way. Here’s looking at all of us.

On a lighter note, below is a watercolour sunset I was once privileged to witness. Some of the most beautiful things are indeed free.


My next post will be a photo-diary of my recent Euro-bus-trip. Yes, free from my irrepressible brain-puke.

‘Til next time.

Current read: The Examined Life by Stephen Grosz


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