Eurotrip! Photo Diary


I found it particularly difficult to pick photographs for this post, and what I’ve placed below are not exactly the best examples of my photography. But. Something about these images caught my attention as it reminded me of why I travel—those moments that make you stop and remember that you’re somewhere different, somewhere new; a moment-ago-distant land you’ve discovered and are now getting acquainted with. These past five months I’ve been on the move almost non-stop, and the following photos are from a thirty-six day bus trip around a vast area of Europe I scheduled into my travels. Admittedly there wasn’t much I liked about this particular expedition, not being a tour-group kind of person, and despite the company marketing themselves as a tour for the (slightly) more mature, it was still a “go hard or go home” kind of deal … I’m sorry if I don’t fancy spending the days I’ve spent a good deal of money to briefly visit—a day or a few hours of sightseeing per stop—with a got-married-in-Vegas style hangover (I’m probably more suited to APT Travel). Thank you very much. But on the bright side, because there always is one, I’ve been introduced to so many unforgettable places that I would like to travel back to one day for an extended exploration.

Not all of the countries I visited feature below, but I hope these photos kindle interest to visit some of the destinations.

Paris, France | A quintessential Parisian street in Montmartre—my favourite arrondissement.

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland | Swiss Alps, no words necessary.

Vers-Pont-du-Gard, France | Pont du Gard ancient Roman aqueduct.BLOG_Large_3France

Avignon, France | A view to Avignon and the remains of Pont d’Avignon Bridge.

Barcelona, Spain | The jaw-dropping and completely fantastic imagination of Gaudi.

Venice, Italy | Venice—a setting from the pages of a historical novel.

Florence, Italy | This man had some spectacular views to work to, you’ll have to visit Florence and climb up Giotto’s Bell Tower to discover them. Or just look it up on the net I suppose.

Florence, Italy | A typical site in European cities.

Rome, Italy | I was transported to ancient Rome where I could feel the anticipating pulse of the Colosseum crowds and hear their enthusiastic shouting.

Vatican City | The Sphere within a Sphere, “Sfera con Sfera”.

Vatican City | The famous spiralling staircase.

Athens, Greece | The Acropolis overlooking the city at night.

Mykonos, Greece | Despite the relatively barren landscape, there was something interesting to see around every corner of the island.

Mykonos, Greece | Before getting lost in the charming, winding streets of Mykonos.

Mykonos, Greece | Discovering the island with this one was a highlight.

Tirana, Albania | Bullet-pocked façades remind visitors and locals alike of the recent devastation this part of the world faced, yet the positivism about the countries future is inspiring. Looking forward to a return.

Dubrovnik, Croatia | An irresistible blue.

On the bus | Somewhere between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina’s stunning coastlines.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina | Kids will be kids. He missed.

Budapest, Hungary | Magical fairytale architecture.

Prague, Czech Republic | The commanding gothic structure of Church of Our Lady before Týn.

Berlin, Germany | East-side Gallery.

Amsterdam, Netherlands | This city has so much more than the red light district. Seriously, how cute are these little (actually quite big) guys.

Amsterdam, Netherlands | Effortlessly cool.

My next post will feature my stay at Bordeneuve Retreat. A sanctuary I spent two weeks writing and reading and remembering what Life is about, or at least what matters. Was it all a beautiful dream…


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