Photo Diary: Portugal

Lisbon is a special place. I felt I’d stepped into a story by Cervantes where everybody was a passionate character, their story part of the evolving theatre of Life. I once again found myself in deep philosophical discussions with relative strangers – the last time that happened was with a Romanian communist in an Italian … More Photo Diary: Portugal

We the Phoenix

I promise to share a photo gallery of my recent trip to Portugal next time, but if anyone has read all of my very infrequent posts (bless) you’d have noticed my ever so slight *cough-understatement* obsession with human behaviour (don’t those who find it hard to understand certain subjects often obsess over them…?). I can’t … More We the Phoenix

I Entered A Dreamland

The dreamland was called Bordeneuve Retreat, a rustic barn dwelling in the Midi-Pyrénées nestled in the south of France and not too far from the Spanish border. Cocks crowed, wine flowed and flowers bloomed in colourful glory, butterflies drifted like chimeric fairies and bees hummed a chorus that was caught on the bars of a … More I Entered A Dreamland

Eurotrip! Photo Diary

I found it particularly difficult to pick photographs for this post, and what I’ve placed below are not exactly the best examples of my photography. But. Something about these images caught my attention as it reminded me of why I travel—those moments that make you stop and remember that you’re somewhere different, somewhere new; a moment-ago-distant … More Eurotrip! Photo Diary

I Quit My Day Job

Oh, yes, yes I did. I resigned from a steady income, a respectable title, and the comfort of feeling like a good participant of society—that enormous man-made hamster wheel of ideologies that enables us to feel like part of the community. I was “comfortable” but increasingly miserable as I pressed my nose against the grindstone … More I Quit My Day Job